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Accidents Happen- Stay Cool

Well, the March SAT is now history and the calls, texts, and emails from DVD users here and abroad are coming in. Sounds like you all did well!
Thanks so much for keeping me informed. I love your feedback and your stories- both successes and disappointments. Today, I want to share two events because they could happen to anyone.

Know where your test center is- drive there sometime before the test if possible.
Kyle left home the morning of his test early, punched the address into his GPS, and arrived 20 minutes early, only to find 6 other cars lined up in front of a house, not a school! Turns out, there are 2 places with the same address. Kyle called his dad, who told him to “just come home”. No way! Kyle was ready. He called the school’s number, which he found on his admission ticket (smart!), and was told that they would wait! All seven cars headed over and were only 30 minutes late. The students were rushed in and helped to quickly fill out the personal information on the scantron and began the test along with everyone else. Kyle was not nervous or flustered by the confusion- just happy he could take the test. He had put in so much time and effort that he did not want to wait until May.

Make a mistake on the answer sheet?
Get help from the proctor.

Trey, a get IT DVD user, told me that on his January SAT he discovered he was marking the answers for section 6 in the section 7 grid. Rather than try to erase everything and lose test time, he resumed in section 6 and then told the proctor immediately after time was called. The proctor helped him fix the error, and also filled out a report that accompanied his score sheet to explain the error. Trey’s scores were released a week later than most scores, but he did his best and did not become flummoxed; his Critical Reading increased 120 points and his Writing 110. His results were too important to him to let a small mistake affect his performance.

Mistakes are made, accidents happen, but they don’t need to affect more than the moment in which they occur. Both boys were smart- each studied hard and focused on the outcome rather than giving up quickly in frustration. It is best to prepare for the test, and determine to stay calm and focused. Do your best; if all else fails, there is always another test date.
All the best!

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  • Diane · April 1, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Great advice – not just for SAT, but job interviews etc.!

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