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SAT Test Time- Prepare to time yourself!

An email from Thursday, April 1 when scores were released.

Hi Lynn,
Well you have another success story….R’s scores:
Critical Reading: 680 (from 57)
MATH 600 (from 45)
Writing 620 (from 53)
R. felt she would have done a little better on the essay (she got an 8), but the proctor did not give them the 5 minute warning!
Thank you very much. R. is greatly relieved now.

Be Prepared!
The scores are great- congratulations! Let’s focus on the proctor issue: Your proctor may forget to, or choose not to, give a 5 minute warning. What to do? Wear a watch. Practice writing the essay ahead of time so you know how to complete it in 25 minutes. Be ready for anything because R’s case was not an isolated event.
On test day you can
* Jot down the end time for each section so you can keep track on your watch.
* Use a silent alarm on your wristwatch that vibrates- set it to one minute before the end of a test section. So, if you are on a 25 minute section, set your timer for 24 minutes; set your timer for 19 minutes on a 20 minutes section- you get the picture.
*Use a countdown timer so you can see how many minutes remain rather than how many have gone by- much easier.
* Count on the proctor to give a warning.
* Rely on the classroom clock- you may be unable to see it from where you sit.
* Worry too much if you run out of time on a section. Stay cool and do your best on the other sections.
All the best!

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  • Tanner · April 17, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Even a five minute warning is often not enough for me, but to not have one at all–wow. Thank you for the advice, Mrs. Scully. Now to find a watch…

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