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Choosing a College: Another Dilemma

Dilemma: Big school-Lots of fun OR Small school -Lots of attention
How to choose among the great schools that have accepted you?
It is not uncommon to go into college with great aspirations, only to change majors or, worse, drop out because you were unable to find the resources you needed to master the material.
There is a college for everyone- choose the one that is right for you.
A great campus with lots of fun and activities is a real draw, but if you have chosen major that will challenge you,or know that you are easily distracted, or need extra help from teachers to understand material, maybe the smaller school is for you. I have too frequently heard back from students who, because they were unable to keep sufficient grades, changed majors or changed colleges. There is nothing wrong with transferring, or changing majors when you realize that your original choice is no longer appealing. Just be sure that you are not abandoning your dream for your future in exchange for 4 years of fun.

I am not saying that you will get lost on all large campuses, or that every small campus will offer the attention and direction you need. Just keep your eyes on the prize- a degree, and know the resources available at the schools you are choosing among. Be pragmatic. Opportunities such as class size, professor to student ratio, work/study, internships and on-campus job recruiting matter. Position yourself for success.
The next four years will be amazing, and you will have life changing experiences. Just be sure that you are preparing yourself for a lifetime of excitement, stability, and job satisfaction, also.
All the best!

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