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Today I had a very concerned mother, Barbara, ask me if she had made a mistake signing her daughter up for the March SAT. Seems another mother, Marcy, told her March was “harder” because “lots of smart kids take it in March.” Marcy also warned Barbara against October. She recommended May.
Here are some facts:
The tests scores are based on the test, not on the other test takers.
There is an equating section on every test that does not count towards the overall score. It counts towards making future tests, thus ensuring that a test score reflects the material tested and thus each individual student’s score. How could it be otherwise and still be a fair test?

If you study and feel ready then it is a good time to take the test.
Barbara’s daughter had been studying for 2 months- why wait?

March is a down time from many activities.
Many sports events and clubs are winding down in the beginning of March , so take the test at a time that fits your schedule.

Especially in NJ, March is ideal
State tests (such as HSPA) are administered the week before the SAT. Students are in “test mode” and they have a week free of homework to study! Perfect timing.

Relax! The SAT and ACT are hot topics, especially in Junior and Senior year. But, if you listen to every rumor, you will never find the test date that is perfect for you.

All the best!

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